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Step into the future with our dynamic tool that transforms your vision of a home solar system into reality! Experience the joy of personalizing your solar solution in a fun, intuitive environment, tailored just for you.

Start your exciting voyage to a cleaner, greener world today.

Renewables Hub is simple and quick path to the new photovoltaic sytems

When designing your own home solar system, it is essential to provide a precise and detailed address to ensure accurate assessment, proper installation, and efficient solar energy generation tailored to your specific location and needs.

Address Information

Please provide us with your address details to assist us in designing your solar system accurately. We require the following information:

    Your details

    Include your area code when entering your number e.g +1 (940) 314-4178

    By signing up, you grant us permission to send you newsletters filled with valuable insights and updates on sustainable energy solutions, keeping you informed and ahead in the world of renewables.

    Roof Type

    Understanding your roof type is crucial for designing a solar system that fits seamlessly into your home’s architecture. Please select the option that best describes your roof:

    Pitched Roof

    A sloped roof with shingles or tiles

    Flat Roof

    A horizontal or low-slope roof commonly found in commercial buildings or modern home designs.

    Metal Roof

    A roof made of metal sheets or panels.


    If your roof type does not fit into the above categories, please provide details so we can accommodate your specific requirements.

    Please select a roof type.
    Accurate roof type information allows us to determine the optimal panel placement and mounting options for your solar system. If you have any additional notes or considerations regarding your roof, feel free to provide them in the space provided.

    Annual Salary

    To further personalize your solar system design, we need some information about your annual salary. This will help us explore financing options and tailor a solar solution that aligns with your budget. Please provide your annual salary in the space provided:

    *Rest assured that this information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and used solely for assessing financing eligibility and designing a solar system that meets your financial needs.

    do you have a good credit?

    Understanding your credit score is essential for exploring financing opportunities that best suit your situation. Kindly provide your approximate credit score range using the options below:

    Credit Score





    below 650



    750 and above

    Please select the credit score range that most accurately represents your current credit standing. This information will be used to evaluate financing options and provide you with the best possible solar system solution.

    Thank You!

    Thank you for designing your own home solar system! Your design is now being processed by our advanced AI system. We appreciate your interest in sustainable energy and taking a step towards a greener future.

    Once your design is complete, we will send you a link via SMS to access and review your customized solar system plan. This comprehensive plan will include all the details, such as panel placement, system capacity, and estimated energy savings.

    We value your time and commitment to solar energy. If you have any immediate questions or require further assistance, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team

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