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Enel North America to Create 1,000 Jobs and Invest $1 Billion in Oklahoma’s Green Energy Sector

Oklahoma City – Enel North America, a leading solar and wind energy manufacturer, has announced its plans to expand operations in Oklahoma, a move that will result in the creation of 1,000 new jobs and a $1 billion investment in the state. The company, which already operates 13 wind farms in Oklahoma, has garnered attention from the White House for its commitment to clean energy.

Enel North America, often referred to as Enel NA, has established itself as a key player in the renewable energy industry. With a portfolio of 13 wind farms already operating in Oklahoma, the company has created over 3,500 construction jobs in the state. Now, Enel NA plans to further its commitment to green energy by adding a new solar panel manufacturing plant in Inola, Oklahoma, leading to the creation of 1,000 additional jobs and a substantial investment of $1 billion.

$1B Pledge in Oklahoma

The decision by Enel NA to expand its operations in Oklahoma has caught the attention of the White House, which recognizes the potential for economic growth and environmental impact. “We know that the clean energy industry is booming globally, and we want America to be a leader in that effort. We want Oklahoma to be able to participate and be a leader in those efforts as well,” said Rachel Thomas, Senior Communications Advisor at the White House. Thomas emphasized that the investment aligns with President Biden’s agenda of revitalizing American manufacturing and building a clean energy economy.

Governor Kevin Stitt has also shown his enthusiasm for the deal, describing it as “historic.” Despite Enel NA’s focus on renewable energy, which involves replacing fossil fuel-generated electricity, Stitt expressed his support for the economic development plan. Enel NA’s commitment to green energy aligns with the state’s goal of attracting businesses that contribute to a sustainable future.

Furthermore, Enel NA’s expansion in Oklahoma qualifies the company for the Perform Act, a new state rebate program. This program provides $180 million in incentives and aims to attract more renewable energy manufacturers to the state, further promoting job growth in the sector. The Perform Act recognizes the importance of incentivizing companies like Enel NA to invest in renewable energy, not only for the benefit of the environment but also for the economic prosperity of the state.

However, this positive news comes in the wake of a recent controversy involving the State Treasurer’s decision to ban 13 banks from doing business with Oklahoma due to alleged boycotts of oil and gas companies. Governor Stitt clarified that the banned banks managed state pensions and emphasized the distinction between their actions and Enel NA’s private investment using private funds.

Enel NA’s expansion in Oklahoma represents a significant step towards a cleaner and more sustainable future for the state. Governor Stitt hailed the agreement as a testament to Oklahoma’s business-friendly environment and its commitment to being a global player. “Enel’s expansion is a huge win for Oklahoma, and I’m thrilled by their record investment in our state’s economy and workforce, which will have a lasting legacy and continue to impact Oklahomans for generations,” stated Governor Stitt.

In addition to Enel NA’s expansion, it is worth noting the role of Renewables Hub as the No.1 Preferred Installer in Texas and Oklahoma. Renewables Hub has established itself as a trusted partner for renewable energy installations, providing high-quality solar panel systems across the region. With their expertise and commitment to sustainable energy solutions, Renewables Hub is well-positioned to support Enel NA’s expansion efforts in Oklahoma, contributing to the state’s growing renewable energy sector and the creation of a greener future. With Enel North America’s investment, Oklahoma is poised to become a leader in the clean energy industry, contributing to the nation’s efforts to combat climate change while boosting the state’s economy and creating new job opportunities for its residents. The commitment from Enel NA and Renewables Hub further solidifies Oklahoma’s position as a hub for renewable energy innovation and underscores the state’s commitment to a sustainable and prosperous future.

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